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  1. The student is expected to attend school every week as scheduled by the Counselor. Students also must complete the multi-session On-Boarding Class.

  1. GRAD A and B Sessions are mandatory as scheduled with the teacher (before and after lunch).

  1. Credits are earned based upon the amount of work completed at home and turned in weekly and from class attendance.  

  1. Students must be in “GOOD STANDING” and meet work productivity requirements to remain at Wilson. 

    • This includes completing all coursework/tests assigned every week.  

    • A typical workload is 30 hours of homework per week to earn the standard 30 high school credits per semester.  

    • Hours are NOT given for failing work. 

    • Students NOT in Good Standing are NOT eligible for Work Permits or SVCTE.

    • Students 18 years/older and not in Good Standing are at risk of being dropped.

  1. ABSENCES: Parents MUST call the office (408-423-3600) prior to the scheduled class time to report a student’s absence. 

    • Students are expected to coordinate with their teacher to complete and turn in that week’s school work.

    • Excessive absences & low work productivity will require a mandatory counseling meeting with the counselor, student and parent.

    • Appointments (Dr., Dentist, etc.) should be scheduled so they do not conflict with school.

  1. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s assignments. Please contact your student’s teacher or counselor via telephone or email for information regarding their progress.

  1. This is a CLOSED CAMPUS; students are NOT to leave the school campus during breaks or before the end of the scheduled time unless signed out by a parent/guardian.   

  1. Parents MUST notify the Enrollment Center for any changes in addresses.  The office can handle changes to any contact information (phone/emails)